About the Author

Kyle – age 21
Songbird, prophetic singer, musician,forerunner,Free spirit, kind of a gypsy.

Kyle is currently a barista at a coffee shop in his hometown in Colorado, working to make money for his next step as a masssage therapist.

 He recently completed a year at the International House of Prayer studying prophetic singing, guitar and piano.  He enjoys reading (and singing)  the Bible and learning the story of God and His plan for humanity. He also likes knowing the end (through the study of revelation).  His favorite book of the Bible is Song of Songs because it reveals Jesus as the Jealous Bridegroom who is after the heart of His bride (the church).

He has been a full time intercessory missionary with a love for and heart for international missions. He has gone on missions to third-world environments in Southern India (for a month in 2010) and to the jungles and the islands of Panama (for a month in 2009). He is also praying about further mission trips in the future, and has a desire to take the gospel to the gypsy (or Romani) people in East Europe.

His mission statement is to be a burning and shining lamp to the world through intercession and prophetic worship. He wants to use his giftings to impact the culture and strives to be like Mary of Bethany and David spending time at the feet of God, pouring out all that he is and singing his heart out in the house of the Lord.

He loves writing, but sometimes has a hard time putting on paper what’s going on inside his head, but if you bear with him, you’re sure to find something great.

He also really enjoys reading classic literature, so if you have a favorite book that falls in that category, let him know about it & he’ll put it on his list.

His musical influences include: Enter the Worship Circle, John Mark McMillan, Misty Edwards, Mumford & Sons, Josh Garrels, Rick Pino, Jason Upton, Paul Baloche, among others


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